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smartChord is the clever app for all musicians who want more than the 4th chord. It provides clear information, guidance and support for playing a variety of instruments, but also for general music-making. Whether guitar, ukulele, banjo, cavaquinho, mandolin or bass .... for each instrument, the specific chords, notes and pitch are shown. It is intended for beginners who are trying to play for the first time and are looking for basic chords, but also for professionals who want to know "how to play differently, better". For teaching, but also for the campfire.    

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The homescreen provides an overview and introduction to smartChord. The guitar is the instrument default setting. To change the instrument, tip on the guitar.

  • Chords
    smartChord provides you with millions of opportunities to play chords. Find the easiest, the most beautiful ... find your own personal sound. Look at them, listen to them, learn to know and compare them. Filter, sorting and favorites will help you to keep track of the immense diversity

    * Knows more than 220 types of chords, each of them can be expanded to a „slash chord”

    * Supports nearly 400 different predefined tunings

    * Possibility to define an individual custom tuning for each instrument

    * Calculates all the possibilities of playing a chord: there are millions!

    * Considers your playing strength (basic, advanced, expert) and your instrument

    * Everything is individual adjustable. For example:
       - Show barré-chords (y/n)
       - Show muted chords (y/n)
       - Number of the frets of your instrument
       - Number of the frets you can span your fingers
       - Base tone obligatory for chord (y/n)

    * Display of the fingerings
       - In detail, in the gallery or all the fingerings in the overview
       - Limited to a range of the fretboard
       - Notes of the chord or of the whole fretboard
       - For right- or left-handed users

    * For the overview
       - Determine own favourites
       - Filter chords: all chords, just basic chords, just your favourites
       - Sort chords according to best sound, level of difficulty, placement on the fretboard,
         number of the required fingers

    * Supports different instruments
       - guitar, banjo, bass, cavaquinho, manolin and ukulele
       - all settings are specific for the chosen instrument

    * Every chord and every fingering can be heard
       - The sound can be chosen. For example classic-, acoustic-, electric-guitar, ...


  • Arpeggio
    smartChords Arpeggio shows how the notes of a chord are spread on the fretboard. You can explore the fretboard up to the last fret or reduce it to just three frets. The notes of the chord can be played by a simple fingertip.
  • Reverse chord finder
    Finds out, if a chosen grip corresponds with a certain chord. Define if you allow slash chords, inverted chords or incomplete chords.

  • Scales
    * Display of different scales (e.g. Major, Dorian, Pentatonic, Chromatic) for every keynote
    * Shows the musical notation with formula
    * Plays the scales
    * Play the scales yourself on the fretboard

  • Chromatic tuner
    Picks up the tones of your instrument by the microphone of your smartphone and then analyses and visualises them in different ways. On the display you can see
    * the recognized note inclusive her octave
    * the frequency of the played note in Hertz, as well as the target frequency of the note
    * a scale with colours, showing to what extent the right tone is striked
    * the audio signal itself, to see, what is coming in by the microphone.

    Besides the visualization you can let your smartphone vibrate, as soon as the the recognized frequency is corresponding with the aspired frequency.


  • Ear training
    * Trains your musical ear
    * You learn how to distinguish between the notes
    * You decide, which notes you want to train
    * You can choose which instrument shall play the notes (about 80 instruments are possible)
    * You can choose in which octave the note shall be played
    * Last but not least you can check your results by a little statistic

  • Playground
    A 'playground' (not really a virtual instrument) to play, hear and compare different chords and fingerings.

  • Transposer
    Transposing slide ruler to transpose music from one key to another.


  • Pitch pipe
    * Use the pitch pipe to tune your instrument. This is a very good aural training
    * Works for every instrument
    * Works for every tuning
    * Uses the different sounds of the instrument

  • Audio signal generator
    Easy to use and exact tone generator with the frequency range from 0.1 Hz to 19,999.9 kHz
    * Tune your instrument, generate exact references tones
    * Test your hearing, the bandwidth of your headphones and speakers or other audio or studios equipment

  • Metronome
    * Perfect your timing. The metronome gives you the beat
    * The metronome is precise up to 300 bpm
    * It offers you many time signatures
    * Functions optically and acoustically
    * For the sound you can choose between 60 different instruments
  • Flashlight
    * Have you ever been sitting at a campfire and couldn`t read the text of the song?
      The flashlight brings light into the darkness.
    * Absolute easy handling
    * With a maximum of light
    * Uses your flashlight, also if you change the app (optionally)
    * Uses your display gradually up to the maximum brightness
    * Quick access by a shortcut on the homescreen
  • Timer
    * Are you always in a hurry and your next appointment awaits you?
      Relax and take your time. The timer will tell you when it is time to go on
    * Quick and easy in handling
    * The time remaining will be shown you also outside of smartChord
    * Reminds you even if you have left the app or if your smartphone is asleep
  • Information
    Everything else about smartChord.
  • Settings
    Make your own smartChord. Adjust smartChord to your needs. Define your instrument, determine your personal degree of difficulty, choose your sound ...


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