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smartChord V5.25 - 2018-10-12
Cloud access for synchronization is now released
Synchronize your songs with your cloud (Google or DropBox). Use it to Synchronize the songs between multiple Android devices or to edit the songs text files conveniently from your desktop or notebook
Synchronize smartChords data from the storage between your devices: Songs of your Songbook, Set lists, Chord Progressions, favorite fingerings, metronome sets and tone generator sets
Fix: Swipe gesture in Set list didn't move to the next song anymore
Fix: Songbook asked sometimes for saving even it was saved right before
Chord progression can now handle 'incomplete' chords like '(no5)'
Fix: Metronome could crash if it was running and 'Tap tempo' was used
Minor changes/fixes
Special thanks to Slawomir Herman and Stephan Andres for their contribution to this version

smartChord V5.24.2 - 2018-10-02
❢❢ Capo can now be changed on every screen with menu "Change tuning". But all capo buttons are removed from the toolbars.
Every song has its own tuning. Change capo is now also available for a song.
Songbook is printed as shown on the screen (It's possible to define the font size/line width)
Fix: In rare cases the songbook showed the song text of a song from the internet twice
Fix: Setlist problems when saving after app was killed
Fix: Fix in finger positions for scale patterns
Other changes/fixes behind the scenes
Special thanks to Bill Hutfles, Edward Larkin, Michael Zimmermann and Stepan Grammatic for their contribution to this version

smartChord V5.24.1 - 2018-09-13
Notifications (Timer, Metronome, Chord progression) are now working on all Android versions
Fix: Metronome crashed on Android 8.1 devices, when running in background
Special t
hanks to Jeff Mees for his contribution to this version



smartChord V5.24 - 2018-09-09
The new features are now translated in French.
❀❀❀ Our most sincere thanks to Michael Halimi for his tireless efforts ❀❀❀
Workaround for Android bug when synchronizing
Playground: Menu item to switch instrument and tuning in "Pure fretboard" mode
Option to create an exercise for the scales starting with the root
Added power chords "no3" and "no5"
Some minor changes/fixes

smartChord V5.23.2 - 2018-08-16
Fix: Songbook chordPro chord recognition
Fix: Chord progression crash
Some other changes/fixes
Special thanks to Chris Clark, Javier Barraza and Kris Willmert for their contribution to this version

smartChord V5.23.1 - 2018-08-10
Songbook: New option for click on chord: Play sound or show chord dialog
More tunings for Balalaika, Cigar Box Guitar, Lute, Mandolin, Oud, Viola added
Fix: Some tunings were an octave too low (Cello, Violin, Viola and Veena)
Fix: "Change instrument" in Songbook
Fix: Speed trainer in "Chord progression" and "Practice"
New video about the "Practice" feature:
Some minor changes/fixes
Special thanks to Dmitry Prokopenko, Goran Stankovic and Jeff Golias for their contribution to this version

smartChord V5.23 - 2018-07-26
❢❢ IMPORTANT FIX: Saving items like songs didn't work for new installations with V5.22
Arpeggio patterns and fingerings: smartChord will show you based on pattern including fingering how and where a arpeggio is best to play. For each pattern you can display the corresponding fingering
"Practice" feature to play and practice arpeggio patterns and chords as arpeggios
Fix: "Change instrument" in songbook
Fix: Practice feature if instrument changed
Some minor changes/fixes
Special thanks to Javier Barraza, Simone Sapienza and Richard Wright for their contribution to this version

smartChord V5.22 - 2018-07-15
New sorting criteria 'Last viewed' in the storage. Applied shows it the history of the last viewed items like songs, set lists or chord progressions.
Optimized algorithm in detecting TABs
Fix: Playing exercise and chord progression without speed trainer
Some minor fixes
Special thanks to Leo Müller, Luis Romero, Marco Pfeffer and Vladimir Stojiljković for their contribution to this version

smartChord V5.21.1 - 2018-07-09
Fix: Some features crashes on older Android versions


smartChord V5.21   - 2018-07-08
New "Practice" feature: As a first step to play and practice scale patterns
Create your exercises for scale patterns
Play the patterns forward, backward or in both directions
Use the speed trainer to increase the tempo step by step
Use the timer to limit your practice time
Save your exercises with all your settings
Colored toasts for info, warning, error and success
A lot of other changes and fixes!!!
Special thanks to Kip Kennedy for his contribution to this version


smartChord V5.20 - 2018-05-21
New shop item to provide 25 additional instruments like Charango, Guitalele, Lute, Violin
Apply the chord type filter also for diatonic chords
New instrument (UNLIMITED and subscription): Mandola
Fix: Song import
Chord progression: optimized toolbar
Minor changes


smartChord V5.19 - 2018-05-05
New instruments (UNLIMITED and subscription):
Charango (also with Charangon, Ronroco and Walaycho tunings)
Filter for Scales and Scale names:
▫ Blacklist scales: Select the scales you don't want to use
▫ Blacklist scales origin: Select the scales you don't want to use by their origin
5 new Ukulele tunings
Minor fixes and changes
Special thanks to Arthur Emoru, Kevin Kerr and Stephan Andres for their contribution to this version



smartChord V5.18   - 2018-04-23
New instruments (UNLIMITED and subscription):
Acoustic guitar
Archtop guitar
Baritone guitar
Hawaii guitar
Resonator guitar
Tenor guitar
New Tunings
Menu item to change between the scale favorites on the 'Scales on fretboard' screen
Songbook: Tap on the chord gallery plays the chord, if "Sound" on chord diagram is enabled in general "Sound settings"
Optimized layout handling in landscape mode
Other fixes and changes
❢❢ Changed menu structure in the "folder" menu (new, open, save, ...). "Import", "Export", "Synchronize" are now in the storage screen
Special thanks to Hugo Blettery and Simon Thomson for their contribution to this version



smartChord V5.17   - 2018-04-08
New instruments (UNLIMITED and subscription):
Bass 5-string
Bass 6-string
Bass 7-string
Guitar 5-string
Guitar 7-string
Guitar 8-string
Fix in 'Scale name': Notes are not selectable, when option 'Sound' was active
Corrected scale Altered bb7
Special words of thank go to Massimo Castiglia for the great commitment and the very good work revising very thoroughly the Italian translation.
Parole speciali di ringraziamento vanno a Massimo Castiglia per il grande impegno e l'ottimo lavoro di revisione molto approfondita della traduzione italiana.
Special thanks to Kevin Kerr for his contribution to this version


smartChord V5.16 - 2018-03-25
New instruments (UNLIMITED and subscription):
New Tuning 'Baritone 2' for Ukulele
Fix: Synchronizing songs
Other fixes and changes
Special thanks to Martin Rittweger and Ronald Queck for their contribution to this version

smartChord V5.15   - 2018-02-28
Share your setlist with your friends, other musicians or students
The free version of smartChord is sufficient to receive a setlist ❢❢❢
Share the setlist and the included songs and PDF-files at once
Easiest handling
Just a link to share via mail, WhatsApp, ...
Just a click to show or import a setlist. Optionally import the songs of the setlist
Individually pick the songs from the shared setlist to import into smartChord
Zoom factor is also saved with a song in the 'non line break' option
The scale fretboard view now supports also both 'Notes' options: 'Notes (Settings)' and 'Notes (Theory)'
Optimized 'Replace all' performance in 'Edit' screen
Fixed: Menu item 'Home' didn't work with general setting "Starting screen"
Other fixes and changes
Special thanks to Roman Kiefer and Sven Pohl for their contribution to this version
There is a new YouTube video about the smartChord tuner, pitch pipe and tone generator from Victor Osaka: Victor, thanks a lot

smartChord V5.14 - 2018-02-13
⭐⭐⭐ Feature "SCALE NAME" extended for chords ⭐⭐⭐ (+)
▫ This reverse scale feature helps you to find a key and scale for a set of notes and now also: a set of chords
▫ Call it from the songbook to get the scales for the chords of the song
▫ Call it from a chord progression and get the scales for those chords
▫ Change the chord set and add or remove chords
Scale screen with new option to see and hear a scale ascending and/or descending
The Songbook and the Setlist are chargeable features. But they are now open for test. The free version allows 3 songs and setlists.
Other fixes and changes

smartChord V5.13.1 - 2018-01-28
❢❢ Improved Scale favorites:
Favor your scales with key!
Change the key of a scale favorite
Scale favorites are now sorted by name
Fix: Bug in scale view width, when switching between scales
Fix: Problems with encoding when sharing songs
Other fixes and changes
Special thanks to Kevin Kerr for his contribution to this version and M.Ramakrishnan for his continuous feedback

smartChord V5.13 - 2018-01-19
⭐⭐⭐ New feature "SCALE NAME" ⭐⭐⭐ (+)
▫ This reverse scale feature helps you to find a key and scale for a set of notes
▫ Investigate each scale of the resulting list
▫ Show the diatonic chords for the scales
▫ Add the scales to your favorites
84 new scales added (+)
▫ The whole scale list:
❢❢ The chord names for scales are corresponding to the tone names of the scale (instead of the general setting "Tone names")
▫ Name of the song is shown once at the top of the song
▫ All smartChord ChordPro tags are appended to the song text (the name tag (x_sccrd_n) was placed at the top)
New 5-string banjo tunings "Minstrel (Briggs 1855)" and "Minstrel (common)"
Other minor fixes and changes
Special thanks to Jorge Mendoza for his smartChord video.
Un agradecimiento especial a Jorge Mendoza por su presentación sobre smartChord. Desafortunadamente, no entendemos el español. Por favor, mírate:
Special thanks to Birdman for his contribution to this version

smartChord V5.12.2 - 2017-12-29
Fix in Songbook and Set list: updating info works again (changed behavior in Android)
Fix in Songbook: Some songs crashes with Do-Re-Mi-...
New 5-string Banjo tuning "Baritone"
Other minor fixes and changes
Special thanks to Daniel Bohan, Isidro Zúñiga, Luca Baglioni and Werner Hodapp for their contribution to this version

smartChord V5.12.1 - 2017-12-15
Much more supported websites for songs
Increased text size in arpeggio, scale and chord diagrams
Increased number of chords in the playground
Fix in Songbook: changing settings or songs works again (changed behavior in Android)
Other minor fixes and changes
Special thanks to Eckhardt Wanderer, Oliver Böhm, Thierry Closen and Lassi Into for their contribution to this version


smartChord V5.12  - 2017-12-10
New option for chord diagram info: Beneath the 'Notes' view, that obeys your general settings, there is an option to show the note names according the chords theory. Thus there are the following options:
'Notes (Settings)'
'Notes (Theory)'
'Relative notes'
Songbook: extended support for Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Si
In most of the songs found in the internet the note names C-D-E-F-G-A-B are used. To get them as Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Si you can change the general setting 'Tone names' to solfége.
Optimized width in Songbook line break mode
Special thanks to Armando Leite for his smartChord video.
Agradecimentos especiais a Armando Leite por sua apresentação no smartChord. Infelizmente, não somos portugueses. Por favor veja-se:
Special thanks to Jake C for his contribution to this version

smartChord V5.11 - 2017-12-02
Share your songs with your friends, musicians or students
The free version of smartChord is sufficient to receive a song ❢❢❢
Share a single song or many songs at once
Easiest handling
Just a link to share via mail, WhatsApp, ...
Just a click to show or import a single song
Individually pick the songs from the shared song list to import into smartChord
❢❢ Chord types removed because of irritations with sharp notes;
#9 (preferred naming: 7/#9)
#9/#5 (preferred naming: 7/#9/#5)
❢❢ Menu item 'Open' was renamed to 'Storage'
Minor fixes
There is another video from Victor Osaka. Please see his smartChord Metronome tutorial: Many thanks to Victor
Special thanks to Dmitry Prokopenko and Walter Tuzi for their contribution to this version

smartChord V5.10 - 2017-11-20
Share your songs with your friends, musicians or students
The free version of smartChord is sufficient for the receiver
Easiest handling
Just a link to share via mail, WhatsApp, ...
Just a click to show or import the song directly into smartChord
New scale "Diminished sixth"
❢❢ Songbook: Line breaks not highlighted and chords not underlined anymore
Special thanks to Victor Osaka for his smartChord Songbook video. It's much better than ours. Please have a look:

smartChord V5.9.1 - 2017-11-07
Bugfix: Crash after counting in a chord progression

smartChord V5.9 - 2017-11-05
Pre release: Synchronize smartChords data between your devices:
Songs of your songbook
Your set lists
Your chord progressions
Your favorite fingerings
Your metronome sets
Your tone generator sets
Lot of minor improvements like adopted song name determination in web search
smartChord creates automatically backups of the last 7 active days
Tuner: Check if microphone is available
Special thanks to Jeet Desai and Thomas Gordot for their contribution to this version

smartChord V5.8 - 2017-10-15
Add PDF files to your set lists (Android >= 5.0 Lollipop)
Share the lyrics of your set list with your audience
Individualize your songs and use your favorite fingerings
Optimized set list navigation by Bluetooth and USB devices
Fix: Format of info screens for older Android versions
Other fixes
Special thanks to Maria Hosmer-Briggs and Сергей Никифоров for their contribution to this version

smartChord V5.7.1 - 2017-10-02
Songbook shows chord names according to the general setting 'Tone names' (also Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Si)
Fix: Save general setting 'Symbol'
Fix: Open song synchronization screen
Minor fixes
Build for Android Oreo
Special thanks to Daniel Bohan and Brian Lawrence for their contribution to this version

smartChord V5.7 - 2017-09-29
Define information like location, duration, date and notes for a set list
Collapse and expand information on the song screen
ChordName: extended detection of slash chords
Fix: Refresh after german musical nomenclature transformation
Fix: Refresh scale fretboard after instrument or tuning has been changed
Fixes in cloud access
Minor fixes and changes
Special thanks to Andre Barthel, Simone Sapienza and Philphy Forty Two for their contribution to this version

smartChord V5.6 - 2017-09-17
Navigate within the set list by an external bluetooth device like a PageFlip pedal.
Navigate between the songs
Scroll within a song
Start/stop auto scrolling or the audio player
Configure your pedal individually
Define your preferred musical symbols: C# or Db, D# or Eb, F# or Gb, G# or Ab, A# or Bb
Fix: Transformation of 'slash' chords in songbook
Fix: Proper handling of 'Back' key in edit screen
Fix: Editing songbook properties changed tuning under some circumstances
Minor fixes and changes
Special thanks to Dean Eisen and Wayne Evans for their contribution to this version

smartChord V5.5 - 2017-09-04
❢❢❢ Change in chord diagram: Chord diagram starts with fret 1 whenever possible
Pre release: Song synchronization with your cloud (Google or DropBox)
Synchronize the songs between multiple Android devices
Edit text files conveniently from your desktop or notebook
Option to set the scroll speed for a song automatically
Set 'duration' (info tag) of a song based on the duration of the added audio file
Send your smartChord backup to a save place outside your smartPhone (e.g. to Google Drive or your mail client)
Optimized backup size
Optimized startup time
Fixed: File type filter updated correctly after change
Changed: A process dialog isn't canceled anymore, when touched outside the window's bounds
Nut and cross for muted strings are more clearly recognizable on fretboard
Minor fixes and changes
Special thanks to Mitch Blake and Louis Barman for their contribution to this version

smartChord V5.4.1 - 2017-08-05
Change font size for the edit text screen
Show details for fingering favorites
Fix: Add chords with '/' in name to fingering favorites
Fix: Transposition of a song is applied correctly when a song is opened again
Fix: smartChord crashed one some devices on startup because of a special character
Fix: Audio player did not start again, after resuming the songbook screen
Fix: Formatting issues in help texts
Minor fixes and changes

smartChord V5.4 - 2017-07-30
Edit song information like title, subtitle, artist, arranger, ... in a dedicated information screen
New ChordPro tags supported: arranger, copyright, duration, highlight, lyricist, year
Summary of song information like album, arranger, ... can be shown as optional info above the song and suppressed in the song text.
The name of the song is always visible at the top of the songtext (but ChordPro tags {subtitle} and {title} are now just song information)
The zoom factor is stored for each song (when in 'line break' mode)
New 'stop' button beneath 'pause' to stop the playing audio file and scroll the song text to the top
New menu items:
- to remove audio file from song
- to add the song to the current set list
- to edit song information
Copy the text of the clipboard by one click into a new song
Audio file search starts automatically, when adding or changing an audio file to a song
Internet song search blocks alerts and messages of the visited websites
Fix: Some chord lines where cut after the last chord
More detailed help and link to Youtube video:
Saving process optimized:
When saving an item like a song or metronome setting, there is no dialog prompting for the name anymore
Instead of this, there is a new menu item "Save as"
❢❢❢ Menu item 'load' was renamed to 'open'
Confirmation prompt before restoring a backup (activated again)
Set list and Songbook are grouped together in "navigation drawer" (menu on the upper left) to easily switch between each other
Minor fixes and changes
Special thanks to Andrei Losenkov for his contribution to this version

smartChord V5.3.1 - 2017-07-01
Fixed: transposition in Songbook
Bought products are listed in the shop, even if they are not for sale anymore
Your bought features (included in the bought products) are listed under 'Info -> Your features'

smartChord V5.3 - 2017-06-26
Songbook: Conversion for German musical nomenclature:
If smartChord detects a 'H' chord, it assumes the German musical nomenclature and adds a link at the top of the song. Tap on the link to convert the German musical nomenclature to the international: The conversion changes the song text. 'B' chords are converted to 'Bb' chords and 'H' chords are converted to 'B' chords.
Have a look at our video about the smartChord Songbook:
Fixed problem with '/' chords in Songbook
Open song files via file explorer (file extensions cho, crd, chopro, chordpro, tab, txt and sccrd)
Fixed problem with crash in Set list
Minor fixes and improvements

smartChord V5.2.1 - 2017-06-10
Bugfix: Crash on Android <=4.4

smartChord V5.2 - 2017-06-09
Set lists to organize your songs and lyrics for performance or practice
meaningful extension of the songbook
all the features of the songbook are available
Switch the songs by swipe gesture
Auto play mode
Fullscreen mode
Search & replace when editing song texts (see menu)
Line break conversion in songs for some internet song catalogues
Comfortable solution to report problems with internet song search
In 'dark background mode' songs now are also printed with white background
Fix: Import of smartChord song files (.sccrd) with correct encoding
Minor fixes and improvements



smartChord V5.1.1 - 2017-05-15
✅ Fix: OutOfMemory error in Songbook
✅ Fix: Opens the last screen again on startup (if option is activated)
✅ Minor fixes


smartChord V5.1 - 2017-05-03
⭐ Export your songs to 'smartChord/song' directory
⭐ Open the Playground with the chords of the song to practice it or explore their sounds
⭐ Synchronized start/stop for scrolling and audio player
⭐ Count in for scrolling and audio player
⭐ A very special word of thanks goes to Michael Halimi. He does a superb job, updating the French translation
✅ Limit song search and import to 'smartChord/song' directory
✅ 'Select all' button in song import
✅ Multi select in 'Store' screens to delete or export files in bulk (e.g. songs)
✅ Songbook with improved full screen mode
✅ Chord page '' added
✅ Change in behaviour when saving an item again: It will overwrite without question
✅ Important fixes for the Songbook
✅ A lot of minor improvements

smartChord V5.0   - 2017-04-15
The brand new songbook is now released!!! It is probably the best songbook app in the store. It can find songs in the greatest internet song catalogues extremely easy and fast and without registration or account. Choose between every instrument and tuning. It knows every chord and fingering you need!

New features for the songbook:
⭐ The intelligent line break option breaks belonging lines as a block (TABs or chord and lyrics) so that no horizontal scrolling is necessary (Android >= 4.4 Kitkat)
⭐ Create a chord progression from the chords of a song and practice it in the chord progression player
⭐ Chord diagrams are now printed below the song text
✅ Optimized search to find local audio files for your songs
✅ Optimized detection of song titles on internet song search

Other changes:
✅ Fix edit songs: Changes got lost, if not committed by back button
✅ Backup: suggestion for backup name
✅ Minor improvements and fixes

smartChord V4.12.1 - 2017-03-19
✔ Bugfix

smartChord V4.12  - 2017-03-19
New features for the songbook:
⭐ Support for audio files:
  ✔ Add audio files saved on your device to a song
  ✔ Intelligent search to find local audio files for your songs
  ✔ listen to your songs in the songbook
⭐ New audio player with
  ✔ A-B loop to repeat only a part of a song
  ✔ repeat function for the song
⭐ Further ChordPro support:
  ✔ special formats for chorus, comments, ...
  ✔ Information about Album, Composer, Key, Tempo, Time;
⭐ Lot of minor improvements and fixes

smartChord V4.11  - 2017-02-22
Main features:
⭐ Use the internet search to browse millions of songs from the greatest internet song catalogues like ultimate-guitar, azchords, chordie, e-chords, guitaretab,...
⭐ Use the songs as they are or transpose them
  ✔ choose between all instruments
  ✔ choose between all tunings!
  ✔ transpose the songs any number of steps up or down (change the key of the songs)
⭐ Benefit from the support of guitar tabs and chords and the popular ChordPro format.
⭐ Open or import the song files on your smartphone: cho, crd, chopro, chordpro, tab, text
⭐ Edit and adjust every song according to your own ideas
⭐ Store every song you want and use it offline
⭐ Create new songs
⭐ Print your songs (Android >= 4.4 Kitkat)
⭐ Create PDF files (Android >= 4.4 Kitkat)
⭐ Share your songs with your friends
⭐ Find YouTube videos for your songs
⭐ Use the 'Dark' mode for your live performance or to reduce battery consumption
⭐ View just what you need: Optionally hide chords, tabs, comments or lyrics
⭐ Get quick access to your latest songs by the history
⭐ Benefit from the support for large and small screens, landscape, portrait, continuous zoom, fullscreen mode
⭐ More will follow...



V4.10 - 2017-01-21

⭐ Translation of the whole app is complete for all supported languages:
▫ Espanol
▫ French
▫ Italian
▫ Portuguese
▫ Russian

Translated by:
Fernando Zamora
Michael Halimi
Fabio Sticca
Rogênio Lima Belém
Ekaterina Ageeva (Екатерина Агеева)
1000 thanks and applause for their high level of commitment and dedication!!!

✔ Define instrument favorites and choose between them from menu in: chord, tuner, arpeggio and scale screens (just PLUS)
✔ Transpose chord progressions to other instrument and tuning
✔ Automatically adopt fingerings when adding chords to chord progressions with different tuning
✔ Metronome: Number of loop and the speed is permanently visible when speed trainer is active
✔ Fix for the case, the error dialog could not be shown
✅ Unified: Tap on guitar head to change tuning
✅ Shorter intervals between the tones in the chords possible (in general sound settings and chord progressions)
✅ A lot of minor changes and fixes



V4.9.1 - 2016-12-18
✔ New context menu for chord diagrams in "Gallery" and "Grid" views to maintain favorite fingerings and add the fingerings to other screens
▫ "Choose chord" screen
▫ "Chord detail" screen
▫ "Chord overview" screen
▫ "Chord progression" screen

✔ There is a new general option "Show error dialog". If you have problems with smartChord, enable this setting. You'll get a dialog, each time smartChord detects an error. From this dialog, you can send us essential information to fix the problem.

✔ Sounds generation fixed for older Android versions

✔ Sounds generation stabilized for low memory environment

✔ Fixed placement of notes in scales for flat notes

✔ Timer fixed

Add chord to favorites from "Chord name" feature via context menu

Minor changes and fixes

smartChord V4.9 - 2016-11-27


⭐ smartChord is now also translated into French!!!


In this context we are very, very much obliged to the persons who did truly great work

(Dans ce contexte, nous sommes très, très obligés pour les personnes qui ont fait vraiment grand travail)



Translation was done by




 Michael Halimi
Guillaume Vaslin
Frédéric Le Bouëtté




⭐ The Spanish translation of smartChord has been thoroughly revised by
Fernando Zamora



Applause for their excellent work (Applaudissements pour leur excellent travail)!!!



✅ Chord name supports also naming Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Si

✅ Chord types added mΔ, mØ, m5-/7, 5+/7+, 5+/maj7. Please let us know, if you miss some chord!

✅ Chord type changed from ▲ to Δ and composition like maj7

✅ Color scheme fix for chords

✅ Minor changes and fixes smartChord



V4.8.1 - 2016-11-13
Bugfix for some scale keys, if solfége was chosen for tone names
Better handling for saving changed content
Products already bought are visible in shop screen
Preparations to introduce ads
Minor changes and fixes

smartChord V4.8   - 2016-10-31
smartChord now supports also Solfége (Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Si)

smartChord is now also translated into Basque!!!

In this context we are very, very much obliged to the person who did truly great work (oso, oso lan benetan handia egin duten pertsonek eskertu gara):


Translation was done by

Oskar Arana Ibabe

Oskar Arana Ibabe
Applause for his excellent work (bere lan bikainagatik Txaloak)!!!

Optimized loading of sounds (e.g. in Scales screen)
Space now allowed for filenames
Preparation for Android 7



smartChord V4.7  - 2016-09-03
Diatonic chords (+)
▫ Calculated for each of the 1000 scales and each key
▫ Get overview screen for each key. Limit them to 2-, 3-,..., n-note chords
▫ Use diatonic chords as new mode to "choose chords" e.g. for chord progressions
Volume control in chord progression
New bar types in metronome: 6/4, 7/4, 8/4, 9/4, 10/4, 11/4, 12/4, 13/4
Minor changes like: show full fretboard in "chord name"

smartChord V4.6.1 - 2016-08-12
✔ Fix: Now, there are also context menus in the light themes: Choose chord, Chord name and Save screens
✅ Fix: In rare cases smartChord crashes when adding chords to the chord progression
✅ Minor changes like: Renamed 'Mountain Dulcimer' to 'Chromatic Dulcimer' to prevent misunderstandings


smartChord V4.6   - 2016-07-29
Some chargeable features are now open for your test:
▫ Create two chord progressions
▫ Maintain 10 fingering favorites per tuning
▫ Save two metronome settings
▫ Save two tone generator frequency sets
New features in Chord Progressions:
▫ Create the bar for the chords automatically
▫ Add beats to the bars or delete beats from the bars
▫ Define an interval between the tones in the chords to get arpeggios
▫ Tap tempo feature
Improved tap tempo for metronome
Fingering favorites now sorted by their chord name
New Color scheme
Minor changes
Lot of fixes like: On some devices some detail information was missing in landscape mode


smartChord V4.5.2 - 2016-06-18
* Individual beat and instrument sounds for each chord progression
✔ Fix: All known bugs in the chord progressions
✔ Fix: First sound wasn't audible e.g. in the Metronome
✔ Fix: Metronome with much higher volume on a lot of devices
✔ Fix: Some instruments were mis-named
▫ Minor changes like new bar 6/4
▫ Other fixes

smartChord V4.5.1 - 2016-06-12
✔ Fix: arpeggio and scales fretboard took very long to open on some devices
✔ Fix: 5 string tunings showed the wrong note for the shortened string (this bug was introduced with the last version)
▫ Minor fixes

smartChord V4.5 - 2016-06-05
⭐ ⭐ Chord progressions (+)
Play along with your chord progressions in any bar you prefer
Visualized beats and chords by scrolling
Contains a speed-trainer to accelerate the pace
Provides a timer to limit your practice time
▫ PDF to share got the name of the chord progression
✔ Fix: Crash when capo was used in chord progression
✔ Fix: Relative note names for some scales
▫ Minor changes e.g. tuning and capo on printouts

smartChord V4.4.1 - 2016-04-24
Plays your selection on the Chord Name screen
New color scheme
✔ Fix: Considers favorite fingerings again
Fix: Wrong colors for the degrees on scale fretboard


smartChord V4.4   - 2016-04-16
Transpose your chord progressions steps up or down (+)
Transpose your chord progressions to another tuning (+)
Option to show fret markers for your orientation on the fretboard
Sort tuning favorites by name
Fix: Crash in Ear Training, when nothing is selected
Hijaz major scale corrected
Other minor changes




smartChord V4.3    - 2016-04-03
Tuner support for 12 strings (+)
Improved 'scale favorites' screen
▫ now the musical notation is shown to compare scales
▫ sorts by name
▫ plays the scales
PitchPipe is back as an independent feature and it also supports a 12-string-tuning (+)
Ear training now uses tone names from 'general settings'
Add a chord from the screen 'chord name' to your chord progressions
The tuning of an empty chord progression will automatically change to your last selection
Improved color distinction in red and green theme
Other minor changes and fixes

smartChord V4.2 - 2016-03-20
Colour schemes help you to distinguish the different degrees of chords, arpeggios, scales and the circle of fifths at a glance (+)
New themes with new colors: green, orange, bright red, bright blue (+)
Support for Android 6.0: Handling withdrawn permissions on devices with Android 6 (Marshmallow)
Fix: chord progression printouts will show text again
Changed order in navigation drawer
Timer and Flashlight removed from Home screen. They are still available via navigation drawer
Other minor changes and fixes

smartChord V4.1.1 - 2016-03-06
New tunings for indonesia 's ukulele cak and cuk
Fix: Choose chord for arpeggio
Fix: Change sound for ear training
Minor changes

smartChord V4.1 - 2016-03-05
Now there are bright and dark themes with different colors (homescreen, button in the upper right). Dark themes are more suitable to play on stage and do save your battery power.
▫ Dark red
▫ Light red
▫ Dark petrol
▫ Light petrol
Minor changes like optimized layouts
Minor fixes



smartChord V4.0   - 2016-02-28
New graphic design with improved contrast
New navigation model with navigation drawer and action bar
✔ Zoom in and out by gesture for fretboard, arpeggios, scales, chord overview, favorites and progressions
✔ Scales PLUS now allows also more than two tuning favorites
✔ A whole bunch of other changes (e.g. new Tunings)
✔ Different fixes (e.g. fingering Em)




smartChord V3.5   - 2015-11-26

✔ Tuner: different modes for all needs
'Easy' allows tuning without much knowledge - not only for beginners
'String change' offers best support when changing strings (PLUS)
'Detailled' provides additional information like frequencies
'Pitch pipe' - tune your instrument by ear
▫ Optimized layouts for small and large screens
▫ Vibrating does not have that much effect on the frequency analysis anymore▫ Optical refinement
Fix: Tuner also works after changing tunings
Refinement of german and english descriptions
Minor changes/fixes



smartChord V3.4.1 - 2015-10-29
New signature 12/8 (3-3-2-2-2) in metronome
✔ Bugfix: Loading chord progressions
Minor changes/fixes

smartChord V3.4   - 2015-10-18
Print and share chords (just for PLUS users and Android 4.4 or higher)
▫ Convert your chord progressions, favorite fingerings and fingering overviews into a PDF file and share them with your friends or print them out. This feature needs at least Android 4.4 (Lollipop).
Minor changes/fixes

smartChord V3.3.3 - 2015-10-09
✔ Bugfix: Wrong set of chords in screen 'Finger favorites'

smartChord V3.3.2 - 2015-10-02
✔ Bugfix: Wrong set of chords in screen 'Chord progression'

smartChord V3.3.1 - 2015-09-29
✔ Bugfixes:
▫ Sorting fingerings (chord screens)
▫ Playground: Range of fretboard in "Pure fretboard" mode
▫ Minor bugfixes

smartChord V3.3 - 2015-09-22
About 1000 new scales !!! (just for PLUS users)
Scales are more handy
▫ maintain your favorite list of scales (PLUS)
▫ comfortable search in the huge scale list
Refinement in espanol translation by Fernando Zamora. Many thanks for his support!!!
Bug fix: e.g. Chord name of grip favorite was just partly visible
Minor changes

smartChord V3.2 - 2015-08-30
Scale patterns and fingerings: smartChord PLUS will show you based on pattern including fingering how and where a scale is best to play. For each pattern you can display the corresponding fingering.
✔ Many fixes (thanks to Wouter ten Böhmer for his great support to reproduce a bug)
Minor changes

smartChord V3.1 - 2015-08-02
New dedicated screen to create chord progressions (PLUS feature)
New feature to backup and restore your data (PLUS feature)
New shop dialog to enhance smartChord by the new smartChord PLUS products in addition to the PLUS subscription:
▫ smartChord PLUS Chord (grip favorites, unlimited tunings, chord progressions, backup and restore)
▫ smartChord PLUS Metronome (save unlimited excercises, backup and restore)
▫ smartChord PLUS Tone Generator (save unlimited frequency sets, backup and restore)





In the last weeks smartChord has been enhanced with tips to help users, expecially the new ones, finding their way a little bit easier. Like before these tips have been translated into Russian with great commitment by 





Ekaterina Ageeva (Екатерина Агеева)





to be available for all users. At this point we would like to thank Katya. She has done a great job.



- Chord type 6sus2 added
- Bugfixes and minor changes

smartChord V3.0 - 2015-07-02

- New tuning handling! Now you can ...
* maintain your favorite list of tunings
* create and store more than one custom tuning
* change the tuning a whole or half step up and down at once

The following features are available with smartChord PLUS in exchange for a small service charge:
- Specify more than 2 tunings (predefined and customized-tunings)
- Retain and assemble favorite fingerings for every tuning
- Save chord progressions – of famous compositions and your own music
- Apply metronome settings for different songs and exercises
- Store different frequency sets in the tone generator





In the last weeks smartChord has been enchanced with tips to help users, expecially the new ones, finding their way a little bit easier. Like before these tips have been translated into Italian, Portuguese and Spanish with great commitment by





Fabio Sticca 






Fernando Zamora 





Rodrigo Vilas Boas





to be available for all users. At this point we would like to thank all our translators for their work, they have done a great job.



- Control wheels are better readable on custom tuning screen
- 'Sound settings' -> 'Interval' works again
- Many minor changes (e.g. improved sorting of fingerings (also considering favorites))
- Many minor fixes (thanks to Chris Pettus for his great description to reproduce a bug)


smartChord 2.19   - 2015-05-23

- smartChord now also in Portuguese!!!


In this context we are very, very much obliged to the persons who did truly great work (estamos muito, muito grato às pessoas que fizeram verdadeiramente grande trabalho):




Translation was done by (tradução)









 Rodrigo Vilas Boas.
Alcimar Bueno
Rogênio Lima Belém




Applause for their excellent work (Aplausos pelo seu excelente trabalho)!!!




smartChord 2.18.1 - 2015-04-05
- Tips
 * New: Screen-specific-tips for hidden or not obvious features and FAQs
 * See the tips also on the 'info' screen
 * The tips are now also part on each help screen

- Tuner workaround for the bug in Android 5.x.x

- Circle of Fifth
 * Option for simplified note names (means F instead of E#)
 * Correct ordering of the signs

- Bugfixes



smartChord 2.18 - 2015-02-16


- smartChord now also in Russian!!!

In this context we are very, very much obliged to the persons who did truly great work

(Мы хотим поблагодарить тех, кто выполнил перевод smartChord на русский):




Translation was done by (Перевела)
Ekaterina Ageeva (Екатерина Агеева)




Ekaterina Ageeva (Екатерина Агеева).



Proofreading was done by (Редактор)


Alexey Ignatyev (Алексей Игнатьев)





Applause for their excellent work (Благодарим их за отличную работу)!!!







- Maximize volume for metronome:


* There are device specific differences in the sound generation. Optimize the volume for your device.

* General settings -> Sound settings -> Optimize volume


- Now it's possible to move smartChord to SD card


- Minor changes




smartChord 2.17 - 2015-01-30


- smartChord now also in Spanish!!!

In this context we are very, very much obliged to the persons who did truly great work:




Translation was done by
Fernando Zamora




Fernando Zamora.




Proofreading was done by
Shubert Silva from Montevideo





Applause for their excellent work!!!






- Metronome is now much louder on those devices, that had problems in the past!!!



- Ear training -> Settings -> Choose sound

* Possibility to test the sound of the chosen instrument in every octave, as not every instrument sounds well over the complete octave range

* Bugfix: Instruments sounded really bad (as wrong octave was default)


- New Mandolin tuning


- Minor changes and bugfixes





smartChord 2.16.2  - 2015-01-19
- Inadvertently added permission removed again. Thanks for the feedback!


smartChord 2.16.1  - 2015-01-17
- Reduced jitter in metronome. Significant improvement on devices which have jitter problems in the past!!!

- Tonegenerator with different wave form: Sine, square, triangle, sawtooth

- Changed behavior of the back button on some screens: E.g. if you are in the 'edit' mode of the playground, back brings you back to the 'play' mode.

- Workaround in tuner for bug in Android 5.0, 5.0.1 and 5.0.2

- Minor changes

- Bug fixes

smartChord 2.16    - 2014-12-15
- smartChord now also in Italian!

In this context we are very, very much obliged to the persons who did truly great work:



Translation was done by
Fabio Sticca

Fabio Sticca





Proofreading was done by

Marco Santanchè


Applause for their excellent work!!!


- Tuner workaround also for the bug in Android 5.0.1

- Pitchpipe: start/stop the tones on touching the tuner


smartChord 2.15.3  - 2014-12-05
- Tuner activated again !!!
We made a workaround for the bug in Android 5.0 (Lollipop). As this bug should be fixed in Android 5.0.1 (coming up the next days), we must not use this workaround for 5.0.1. Please let us know, if there are problems with Android 5.0.1 again.

- No asking for donation anymore


smartChord 2.15    - 2014-11-16
- New general setting "Bright style". In this style, some of the graphical elements are shown in a brighter color with the intention, that they are more visible.

- Metronome with two new features:
  * Run the metronome in the background
  * Dim the screen when the metronome is running and save battery power of your smartphone

- Menu item "Error report" on every screen (except Home screen). Use it for reporting screen specific remarks or errors.

- Fixed: Screen orientation follows settings of the system

- Fixed: Some features that were faded out from the Home screen appeared again after a restart of smartChord

- Minor changes and fixes


smartChord 2.14.6  - 2014-10-08
- Bugfixes
- Minor changes


smartChord 2.14.5  - 2014-09-22
- No more dialogs asking for support when "smartChord Donate" is installed. Also the icons "Donate", "Rate" and "Recommend" are removed from the home screen. Please let this tiny app installed! There will be more benefit in the future ;-)

- General setting to change the language of the app, also independend from the language of the system

- Minor changes and fixes

smartChord 2.14.4  - 2014-09-13
- Bugfix

smartChord 2.14.3  - 2014-09-13
- Range control now supports dragging and pulling the range in both directions.

- Arpeggio:
  - Different fretboard information: notes, relative notes, intervals (P1, m2, M2, m3, M3, P4...)

- Scales:
  - Root note is always highlighted (option has been removed)
  - Different fretboard information: notes, relative notes, intervals

- Intervals as new chord diagramm info. Please note: Your setting could have been changed!!!

- Circle of fifths:
  - now with designators in legend
  - vibration removed
- New mandolin tunings

  - Chords made consistent: b4, b5
  - Timer plays sound/song again



smartChord 2.14.2  - 2014-08-15
- Metronome: now the metronome can be stopped by timer

- Scales and Arpeggio: on large displays screens are freed from landscape mode

- Scales: New setting to hide the minimized fretboard below the scales. (It's useful on small displays)

- Minor changes (some dialogs instead of full screens, layout optimizations)

- Fixes:
  - Ear Training "All types of chords": Selection of chords
  - Scales: Drawing the staff
  - Note names, when setting the frequency of the tone generator by "note name"
  - Ear training statistic easier to read
  - Minor fixes



smartChord 2.14.1  - 2014-07-30
- New feature released: Circle of fifths
  * New choice: Tap on a chord to hear it or tap on it to see the chord details
  * Optimized layout in landscape mode
  * Change between treble clef and bass clef.
  * Fixes

- New sound settings for chords. Define the duration and interval how chords are played in smartChord. These settings take effect on the different chord screens and diagramms, the ear training and the circle of fifth.

- Scales: Switch between treble clef and bass clef (settings)

- Set the frequency of the tone generator by note name

- Minor changes


smartChord 2.14    - 2014-06-29
- New feature: Circle of Fifths in experimental stage

- Scales for all possible key notations

- Minor changes


smartChord 2.13.3   - 2014-06-16
- Adjustments for the Amazon Marketplace

- Possibility to show all frets in scales and arpeggio

- Menu items to collapse and expand all settings categories at once

- Bugfixes

smartChord 2.13.2   - 2014-05-24
- Progress dialog for long running tasks like chord calculation for 8-string guitar

- General setting of "Tone names" is now stored and restored when smartChord is restarted

- Fixed: Play sound file in Timer. Additional permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE needed

- Minor fixes

- More tunings



smartChord 2.13.1 - 2014-04-26
- Bugfix in Scales: Corrected position in staff. It showed Cb instead Db

- Minor changes

- More tunings

smartChord 2.13   - 2014-04-04
- New feature: Arpeggio. It shows how the notes of a chords are spread on the fretboard

- Fade in and fade out the features on the home screen

- Multitouch now supported: in chord diagrams, arpeggio, playground and scales

- Leave the app with the 'back' button

- "Chord name" feature: Plays the chord, you have entered (optionally; see the settings)

- Minor changes and fixes

- More tunings


smartChord 2.12.1 - 2014-03-10
- Bugfix
- More tunings

smartChord 2.12   - 2014-03-09
- Handling of skeleton chords:
This means, that smartChord now shows chords without 'optional' notes in chord like the fifth in a C7.
On the chord screen, these ommited notes are shown in red. The "chord name" feature does now also recognize chords, if 'optional' notes are missing.

- 'Chord name' feature, also known as reverse chords finder, is now released
  * Enhanced for handling of 'optional' notes
  * Enhancement to play the entered chord (general setting 'sound')

- Tapping on the guitar head leads now everywhere to the screen to choose the instrument, tapping on the tuning leads everywhere to the screen to choose the tuning

- More tunings

- Fixes


smartChord 2.11   - 2014-02-23
- In the chord diagrams alternatively to the notes and fingerings the relative note names can be shown
- The general settings are extended with the option to change between differend tones names: C-C#-D-D#-E-F-F#-G-G#-A-A#-B,  C-C#-D-Eb-E-F-F#-G-Ab-A-Bb-B  or  C-Db-D-Eb-E-F-Gb-G-Ab-A-Bb-B
- Scales offer the option to choose between all keys: C-C#-Db-D-D#-Eb-E-F-F#-Gb-G-G#-Ab-A-A#-Bb-B
- Minor changes and fixes
- More tunings


smartChord 2.10.1 - 2014-02-18
- Fixed: Home screen unreadable with Android display settings 'Font size' = 'Large' or 'Huge'


smartChord 2.10  - 2014-02-15
- Calculates fingerings and shows them alternatively to the note names in the chord diagrams
- Fixed: correct column size in creation of the chord overview screen
- Minor changes
- More tunings



smartChord 2.9   - 2014-01-31
- New comfortable way to define your chord favorites (reachable by settings and menu)
- Adjust your settings much smoother by dialogs
- Ear training: restore last mode
- Chord ▲ added, chords dim9, dim11 and dim13 corrected
- Capo option in instrument settings
- New icon for electric guitar
- New icon for pitch pipe, previous icon 'guitar head' is reserved for tuning
- Other minor changes
- More tunings


smartChord 2.8.5 - 2013-12-30
- Possibility to change the size of the chart diagramms in the chord overview screen
- Chart diagramms optimized: (e.g. bigger text, more contrast)
- Optimized layout for the home screen, thus the additional text for the icons appears also on smaller displays
- Grid views with higher rows for better usability
- Fix: Playground isn't initialized correctly, after adding a chord
- Tuning is now hidden on small displays (portrait) for more space
- Start from home screen now clears all previously opened smartChord screens
- Minor changes (e.g. change of the "filter" icon by "mode" icon)
- More tunings

smartChord 2.8.4 - 2013-12-17
- Duplicate chord diagrams eleminated
- Reset button in "chord name" fixed
- Minor changes

smartChord 2.8.3 - 2013-12-15
- Chord algorithm enhanced, thus even more chords are determined
- Fixed: Change of scale and key by button again
- Fix in "chord name"

smartChord 2.8.2 - 2013-12-11
- Bugfixes

smartChord 2.8.1 - 2013-12-10
- Bugfixes

smartChord 2.8   - 2013-12-08
- New feature: Chord name, also known as reverse chords finder.
  This feature finds out, if a chosen grip corresponds with a certain chord
- Unification of chord names. Some are now removed with one name,
  but if not already there, added with the unified name
 * All 'min' chords are replaced by 'm' (e.g. Cmin removed, as Cm was already there)
 * All 'j' chords are replaced by 'maj' (e.g. Cj7 removed, as Cmaj7 was already there)
 * Now option notes are separated by '/' (e.g. Cm7b5 removed, but Cm7/b5 added)
- Minor changes
- More tunings

smartChord 2.7.5 - 2013-11-16
- Playground release
  * Option for duration of the sustain
  * Animation fixed
- Tuner prevents now dimming the screen
- More tunings

smartChord 2.7.4 - 2013-11-10
- 5 string banjo as separate instrument
- Fix in playground for some devices
- Chord diagramm optimized
- Transposing slide ruler spacing optimized

smartChord 2.7.3 - 2013-10-21
- New chord types
- Playground
  * Button bar moved to the right
  * Fixes (e.g. vibrate option)

smartChord 2.7.2 - 2013-10-14
- Playground
  * Option: played strings are highlighted
  * Option: vibration, when strings are played
- Scale Lydian #5 fixed
- Chords m6 and m(maj7) fixed
- More tunings

smartChord 2.7.1 - 2013-10-08
- New home screen
- Fixes in playground

smartChord 2.7   - 2013-10-03
- New feature: Playground
  Use the 'playground' to play, hear and compare different chords and fingerings.
  It's something like a virtual instrument. But we call it 'playground',
  as the MIDI sound of a phone is normally not really authentic.
- Strum chord diagramms
- Ear training screen with different screen order. Now there is a 'mode' button to switch between the different ear training modes.
- Scales: Whole space is used for the fretboard
- Minor fixes and improvements
- More tunings

smartChord 2.6.1 - 2013-09-09
- Bug fix

smartChord 2.6   - 2013-09-08
- New chord options
  * Show just barré chords
  * Suppress chords with open strings
- 'Choose chord' screen:
  * New entry field to filter chord types
- Metronome now with speed trainer
- More tunings
- New time signature
- Minor fixes


smartChord 2.5.1 - 2013-08-09
- Metronome
  * Option, so that just the first beat is accented for 4/4 time signature
  * Selected time signature visible on button
- Transposer shows the position of the capo
- More tunings
- Fixed: fixed tuning "1/2 step down"

smartChord 2.5   - 2013-07-27
- New Instruments
  * Synthesizer guitar with more than 100 different sounds
  * Mountain dulcimer
  * Cigar box guitar
- Major Fix: Some sounds were named wrong
- Improved sound selection screen (sound can be heard before selected)
- Scales
  * Keep screen on option
  * New scales
- New 5-string banjo tunings

smartChord 2.4.1 - 2013-07-13
Ear training
* New mode 'diatonic function'
* Select an allowed range of octaves
* Shows tempo markings
* Optimized layout for smaller displays
* Fix for toggle button on Nexus 7
Transposition slide ruler animation

smartChord 2.4   - 2013-06-30
- New feature: Transposition slide ruler
- Metronome
  * Fixes: Version 2.3 introduced problems in tone generation and precision on some devices
  * Optimized layout for small displays
  * Time signature 12/8 added
- Fixed scale "Locrian b4 bb7"

smartChord 2.3.1 - 2013-06-17
- Fix

smartChord 2.3   - 2013-06-14
- Improved Metronome:
  * New percussion instruments
  * Advanced and versatile sound choice
  * Turn off sound
  * Option for vibration
- More scales
- More tunings
- Minor improvements

smartChord 2.2.1 - 2013-05-26
- Fixes (e.g. Bouzouki setting fixed)
- More scales
- More tunings

smartChord 2.2   - 2013-05-20
- Possibility to limit the chords to a range of the fretboard
- Scales show bass clef if instrument is bass
- Selected fingering synchronized in galleries and overview
- More scales
- More tunings
- Minor improvements and a fix

smartChord 2.1.1 - 2013-05-12
- Stores the frequency history of the tone generators
- More scales
- Minor fixes and improvements
- More tunings

smartChord 2.1   - 2013-04-26
- New feature: Scales !!!
- Fix: Since the last version, every tuning was one octave too high
- Tone generator now with two frational digits
- Reset custom tuning to standard tuning
- Possibility to change tuning in every view by a simple tap
- Collapseable and expandable settings also by tap on title and icon
- Minor fixes (e.g. corrected tuning view in pitch pipe)
- Minor improvements
- More tunings

smartChord 2.0.3 - 2013-03-29
- Tone generator:
  * Shows also nearest note and its frequency
  * Remove frequencies from history
- Collapseable and expandable settings for more clarity
- More tunings
- Minor changes

smartChord 2.0.2 - 2013-03-15
- Tuner:
  * Shows reference frequency for concert pitch A4
  * Possibility to change the reference frequency for concert pitch A4
  * Microphone volume visualized
- More tunings
- Miner improvements
- Fixes: e.g. define custom tuning for classical guitar

smartChord 2.0.1 - 2013-02-27
- Layout optimization especially for large displays: chord, tuner and pitch pipe screens
- Bigger chord diagramms in chord "gallery" and chord overview screen
- More tunings
- Tuner: two decimal digits for lower frequencies
- Fix: Restore custom tuning on startup

smartChord 2.0   - 2013-02-17
- Chromatic tuner (experimental state)
  * supports all of the instruments and tunings
  * recognizes the played note inclusive its octave,
  * indicates by the color of the tuners, if the pitch is met
  * shows the real audio signal of the microphone
- More tunings

smartChord 1.14  - 2013-02-11
- More than 70 additional chord types
- Pitch pipe improvements
  * Continuous tone
  * Automatic orientation
  * Tap on head to change tuning
- Minor improvements (e.g. show tuning on chord screen)

smartChord 1.13.1 - 2013-01-21
- Fix: Metronome crashed in some case, when change tempo

smartChord 1.13 - 2013-01-19
- Support for capo !!!
- Complete storing of the settings
- Hide and show hints for more space on the screens
- Optimized sort algorithm
- More tunings
- Tuning for Mandola corrected
- Some minor improvements

smartChord 1.12 - 2013-01-08
- More than 120 new predefined tunings, also for 5 string, 7 string and 8 string guitar
- Fix: Keeps current instrument again

smartChord 1.11 - 2013-01-06
- Support for instruments with shortened strings (e.g. 5-String Banjo)
- More than 20 predefined Banjo tunings
- Some other predefined tunings like "Iris"
- A lot of minor improvements

smartChord 1.10.1 - 2012-12-21
- Different training modes for ear training (part of settings)
- Optimized and more smooth tone generation
- Minor changes in layout
- Bugfix: Out of memory error

smartChord 1.10  - 2012-12-16
- Ear Training now also for chords
  * Train the major chords
  * Train the minor chords
  * Train all types of chords

smartChord 1.9.3 - 2012-11-23
- Flashlight is back again: as own app
- New predefined tunings

smartChord 1.9.2 - 2012-11-16
- Flashlight removed because of permission for camera
- Small fix in tone generator

smartChord 1.9.1 - 2012-11-09
- Option to prevent the auto-rotation of the screen
- New predefined tunings
- Minor changes

smartChord 1.9   - 2012-10-28
- Tone generator from 0.1 to 19,999.9 Hz
- New predefined tunings
- Minor changes

smartChord 1.8.3 - 2012-10-21
- Minor changes

smartChord 1.8.2 - 2012-10-20
- Metronome: More than 30 new time signatures or variants
- New tuning: "Drop D half step down"

smartChord 1.8.1 - 2012-10-13
- Bugfix

smartChord 1.8   - 2012-10-12
- New instruments: Balalaika, Bouzouki, Mandocello, Classic Guitar

smartChord 1.7.3 - 2012-10-05
- 12 new predefined tunings
- Minor changes

smartChord 1.7.2 - 2012-10-01
- New predefined tunings: "Cuatro Venezolano" and "Drop Db"
- Minor changes
- Timer bug fixed

smartChord 1.7.1 - 2012-09-09
- Bugfix

smartChord 1.7   - 2012-09-07
- New feature: Pitch pipe for every instrument and tuning
- Separate settings item to define the custom tuning
- Choose between scientific and Helmholtz octave notation (scientific is now standard).
- Metronome now with tap tempo
- Minor improvements and bugfixes

smartChord 1.6.2 - 2012-08-25
- Bugfixes

smartChord 1.6.1 - 2012-08-24
- Bugfixes

smartChord 1.6   - 2012-08-16
- New supported instruments: cavaquinho and mandolin
- Predefined cavaquinho tunings: 'Standard', 'Guitar', 'Mandolin', 'Portuguese' and 'Soprano'
- Predefined mandolin tunings: 'Standard', 'Baroque', 'Florentine', 'Genovese', 'Liuto', 'Mandola', 'Mandoloncello', 'Padovano', 'Piccolo'
- Minor improvements

smartChord 1.5   - 2012-08-07
- Possibility to define an individual custom tuning for each instrument

smartChord 1.4.2 - 2012-07-23
- 65 predefined guitar tunings
- predefined tunings for ukulele and bass

smartChord 1.4.1 - 2012-07-13
- Minor improvements
- Some new icons
- Bugfixes

smartChord 1.4   - 2012-07-08
- Redesign of settings. Some of the improvements:
 * The choosen setting is seen immediately in the settings screen
 * No limitation of the text size anymore
 * Instrument choice is also part of settings and everywhere available
- Lot of minor improvements
- Bugfixes: e.g. missing VIBRATE permission for newer Android versions (4.x)

smartChord 1.3.2 - 2012-06-22
- Prevent sleep mode in metronome
- Chord algorithm optimization

smartChord 1.3.1 - 2012-06-20
- Bugfixes

smartChord 1.3  -  2012-06-19
- Ear training:
  * New screen to recognize tones by name
  * New screen with the statistics of your ear training
- Some new icons
- Minor changes
- Minor bugfixes

smartChord 1.2  -  2012-06-03
- New screen to choose instrument
- Predefined settings für different skill levels: basic, advanced, expert
- More intuitive add and remove to favorites
- Minor changes

smartChord 1.1  -  2012-05-20
- New 'chord overview screen'
  gives you an overview of the different ways to play a chord.
- Chord screen
  A fingertipp on the 'position reagion' opens the screen 'choose chord' screen.
- Metronome screen
  A fingertipp on the 'metronome region' starts or stops the metronome.
- Some minor changes
- Flashlight works also for Nexus S
- Minor bugfixes

smartChord 1.0  -  2012-05-13
- Initial version released