Very versatile metronome to perfect your timing. The built Speed Trainer, the ability to operate in the background and not least the integration into 'smart chord & Tools' distinguishes 'smartchord Metronome' from the most of the other metronomes in the store.

* Speed Trainer, to increase the tempo automatically by individual steps
* Works in the background, so that you can switch to another app
* Keeps working with dimmed screen to save the battery power of your smartphone
* Timer to determine the time for exercises
* Visual indication of the rhythm
* Select the sound from over 60 instruments
* Italian tempo markings
* A wide variety of time signatures
* Accurate up to 300 BPM
* Visual indication of the rhythm
* Option if the first beat of the measure is emphasized
* Option to mute the metronome




Train your timing. Determine the beat, add speed, and with a finger tip to “Start”, off you go. Start slowly and increase your pace gradually. By the way – the speed is defined in beats per minute (BPM, beats per minute). To change the volume you use the volume keys of your smartphone as usual.

By the way: In the settings you can choose the instrument that gives you the rhythm.

Metronome settings