Virtuell guitar


The playground serves for the acoustical exploration of the fingerboard, the accords or certain grips.
Unfortunately the tone production is based on the MIDI generator of the smartphone, which is not really
able to create authentic sounds.

The playground has different game modes, each of them with different purpose.

Game mode 'Fretboard pure':
In this mode the different tones of the fingerboard sound by contact.

Game mode 'Chord per fret':
In this mode, you can put an arbitrary chord/fingering on each fret.
In contrast to a real string instrument, here all the notes of a chord are set on the strings of the same fret.
With this mode it is possible to play different chords without gripping them.
By stroking a fret the different tones of the chosen chord/fingering sound.
With the button `pencil` you can switch to the edit mode, where you can add, change or delete the chords.


Virtuell guitar in edit mode

With the button `checkmark` you can switch back from the edit mode to the play mode.
When you are in the edit mode,
- tap on the plus sign to add a further  chord/fingering. For this purpose one changes to the screen with the chord selection and confirms the choise with `back`.
- tap on the chord name at the upper side of the fret to change the chord/fingering.
- tap on the cross sign to remove a chord/fingering.

Game mode 'Chords (function theory)':
According to the function theory in this mode a chord is deposited on every fret.
By stroking a fret the different tones of the chosen chord sound. With the button `pencil` you can choose the tonic.
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By the way, the settings let you chose another instrument with a different sound.
There is also an option to show the names of the notes on the fretboard.