In addition to general settings which affect the entire app, you can also choose specific settings that affect the instrument, the chords, the metronome, the flashlight or the timer.


General Settings

• Play sound:
If "Play sound" is activated, you hear the sound of the chord if you tip the chord with your finger. If you do not want this, you can turn this function off for the whole app.

• Open last screen:
In the activated mode, the program automatically shows the last active screen when you restart. Otherwise, smartChord starts with the home screen.

•Control-wheel is cyclic:
smartChord uses the control-wheel for a variety of settings.  If "Control-wheel is cyclic" is activated, the values circle without end. This means that the last value follows the first again.

If "Control-wheel is cyclic" is not activated, the values end in one direction with the minimum and in the other direction with the maximum value.

 • Left-handed:
The instrument of a left-handed player is usually strung differently to that of a right-handed player. smartChord takes this particularity into consideration by presenting adjusted fingering images.

• Reset settings:
With this function you can reset all settings back to their original values. To prevent this from happening accidentally, you have to confirm this action.

• Language:
smartChord currently supports German and English. By changing the system language, you can switch between these languages.

• Volume:
There is no special setting for the volume. The volume can be adjusted as usually on the smartphone.