smartChord PLUS

With its additional features smartChord PLUS provides a new level of fun playing music, making it a must have for all musicians – from beginners to professionals. PLUS features simplify and accelerate the handling of smartChord while offering even more customizing potential.

PLUS features in detail:

'smartChords & Tabs (Songbook)' a new, seamlessly integrated new app
⭐ Get millions of songs from the greatest internet song catalogues like ultimate-guitar, azchords, chordie, e-chords, guitaretab, …

⭐ No need for sign-in or an account

⭐ Supports tabs, chords, plain texts and the popular ChordPro format

⭐ Store every song you want and use it offline without internet connection

⭐ Open or import already existing song files on your smartphone: cho, crd, chopro, chordpro, tab, text

⭐ Use the songs as they are or transpose the songs
▫ between a lot of different instruments like guitar, ukulele, banjo, bass, mandolin, …
▫ between every possible tuning! More than 400 are predefined
▫ any desired steps up or down (change the key of songs)

⭐ Seamlessly integrated into smartChord. The Swiss Army Knife for musicians!

⭐ Get the chord diagrams with all possible variations and fingerings, ... from the best and hugest chord dictionary: smartChord!

⭐ The songbook prefers your favorite fingerings!

⭐ Change the fingerings to suit your own taste

⭐ Edit and adjust every song according to your own ideas or create a new one

⭐ Intelligent line break option saves you horizontal scrolling. It formats the song to max. number of characters and breaks belonging lines as a block (TABs or chord and lyrics) (Android >= 4.4 Kitkat)

⭐ Autoscroll with individual speed for each song

⭐ Integrated audio player:
▫ Add audio files from your device to a song
▫ The intelligent search makes this very comfortable
▫ Jam with your songs in the songbook
▫ Audio player supports A-B loop to repeat only a part of a song

⭐ Generate a chord progression from the chords of a song and practice it in the chord progression player

⭐ Continuous zoom and fast text scaling

⭐ View just what you need: Optionally hide chords, tabs, comments or lyrics

⭐ Fullscreen mode

⭐ Benefit from the left-handed support

⭐ Find YouTube videos for your songs

⭐ Use the 'Dark' mode for your live performance or to reduce battery consumption

⭐ Get quick access to your latest songs by the history

⭐ Print your songs or create PDF files (Android >= 4.4 Kitkat)

⭐ Share your songs with your friends

⭐ Benefit from the support for large and small screens, landscape and portrait mode

⭐ A bunch of other features like: accurate tuner, precision metronome, scales, arpeggios, ...

⭐ You'll find no other app with so many features

Retain and assemble favorite fingerings for every tuning
PLUS enables you to assemble and retain any fingering for any predefined or customized tuning (not just 10). The screen 'fingering favorites' displays an overview of your selected fingerings.

Create, save and play chord progressions – of famous compositions and your own music
PLUS enables you to create, save and play along with any chord progression in the playground (not just 2). Transpose your chord progressions any steps up or down or change them to another tuning. Use the speed-trainer to accelerate the pace or the timer to limit your practice time. Compile your favorite chords, possibly creating a new piece of music or just store the chords of well-known compositions to practice. Additionally, you can change between your saved chord progression at various screens.

Print and share your chords (>= Android 4.4)
PLUS enables you to convert your chord progressions, favorite fingerings and fingering overviews into a PDF file which you can print out or share with your friends. This feature needs Android 4.4 (KitKat) at least.

Specify more than 2 tunings (predefined and customized-tunings)
PLUS enables you to assemble and specify any amount of favorite tunings saving them in your tuning list. Manage the tuning list yourself: select your favorite tunings from the list of predefined tunings or add your personalized custom tuning to the list. Additionally, it is possible to change between the tunings of your tuning list at various screens.

Apply metronome settings for different songs and exercises
With PLUS it is possible to apply your personal metronome settings for any songs and exercises (not just 2). That will enable you to access a 'play' and 'exercise mode' faster. Just save your favorite setting for a composition and get back to it later.

1000 Scales with pattern and fingering
PLUS provides about 1000 additional scales and shows you based on pattern including fingering how and where a scale is best to play. For each pattern you can display the corresponding fingering.

Diatonic chords
PLUS finds diatonic chords for each of the 1000 scales and each key.

Scales favorites
PLUS let you specify more than two favorites from more than 1000 scales.

Instrument favorites
Define instrument favorites and comfortable switch between them (menu in: chord, tuner, arpeggio and scale screens)

12 string support
PLUS supports to tune also 12 string instruments.

Tuner mode 'string change'
PLUS offers you a special mode to tune your instrument very easy after a string change. It shows you the semitones, you are away from the tuned string.

Store different frequency sets in the tone generator
PLUS allows you to store different frequency sets in the tone generator for any of your exercises or tests (not just 2) and even gives you the opportunity to switch between them.

Themes and colour schemes
PLUS provides more themes in different colors and color schemes. The colour schemes help to distinguish the notes of different degrees in chords, arpeggios scales and the circle of fifths at a glance.

Backup and restore
Create backups of all smartChord data such as settings, chord progressions, exercises, etc.

Early access to new features
Early access to new features and products

New chargeable features and products
Includes new chargeable features and products

New free features and products
Includes new free features and products

No ads
There will be no ads with PLUS!


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We appreciate your purchase of smartChord PLUS and regard it as a thanks. It is a tremendous motivation for us to continue further developments of smartCord. It is also a contribution to cover our occuring expenses. Thank you very much!