Do you have a fixed duration for your exercises or do you just not want to miss your next appointment? Take your time and concentrate on your exercises. The timer will tell you when the time has expired.
The time can be set by the steering wheel in hours, minutes and seconds. By a finger tip to “Start” the time begins to run. The time continues to run even if you leave the timer. When you leave the screen a notification appears so you can always see the countdown timer and find your way back. Under "Settings" you can select how you want to be notified: for example, with your favorite song or vibration.

Please note: If you have installed smartChord on your memory card and then remove it, your phone ends this app and thus a running timer.


Timer settings:

  • Vibrate
    If the setting "Vibrate" is selected, your phone will vibrate after the time set.
  • LEDs
    If the setting "LED" is selected, the LEDs will light up your smartphone after the time set. Please note that not every phone has light-emitting diodes. This does not work with the  camera.
  • Sound
    If the setting "Sound" is activated, a melody will sound after the time set. By selecting the setting "select sound" the standard melody can be replaced by any song on your phone.
  • Choose Sound
    Select the sound that you want to hear after the time set. You can choose from all the songs you have on your smartphone. Your selection will only be played if you've chosen the setting "Sound".