The tuner of smartChord is a very precise chromatic tuner, which picks up the tones of your instrument by the microphone of your smartphone and then analyses and visualises them in different ways. This tuner is offering different modes for all kind of needs:

  • a simple and clear one,
  • a detailled one providing any information,
  • a 'string change' mode, showing how many semitones are still missing until you hit the final tone - before switching to the fine-tuning
  • a pitch pipe




Tuner String change mode


Tuner String change mode

 Tuner String change mode

On the display you can see

  • the recognized note inclusive her octave,
  • the frequency of the played note in Hertz, as well as the target frequency of the note.
  • a scale with colours, showing to what extent the right tone is striked.
  • the audio signal itself, to see, what is coming in by the microphone.

Besides the visualization you can let your smartphone vibrate, as soon as the the recognized frequency is corresponding with the aspired frequency.


Please note,

  • that not every instrument can be tuned in every way. If you tune a string to high, it can snap!
  • That the shown tuners change into the right color only, if the frequency AND the octave of the recognized tones match the tuning.
  • That the vibration of the smartphone can affect the recognition of the tone.
  • That the analysis of the tone signal is a highly intensive computing procedure, which requires much accu power.


By the settings you can decide which features shall be shown to help tuning the instrument or which shall be hidden. Similar to the other features, by the settings you can change the instrument and the tuning. But in this feature the tuning can also be changed by tipping on the instrument head.


Settings tuner