s.mart Songbook Help

The songbook is another valuable addition to smartChord. There are no songs because of copyrights. But smartChord allows you to easily create your own songbook. With songs from the Internet or your song files. All songs can be stored in the Songbook so they are available offline.

We recommend two videos:
Victor Osakas video gives a wonderful impression
Our video provides a rough overview of the functional diversity

The songbook is easy and mostly intuitive to use. Please notice, that the functionality is reachable by different ways:

There are two menus in the top right corner:
* The menu with the 'folder' icon provides functionality around handling songs like save, open, import, search, …
* The menu with the '…' icon provides functionality around the song itself like edit, transpose, ...

- There is an inconspicuous button at the right bottom of the screen. It shows the toolbar with functionality like audio playing, scrolling, hiding/showing information, chords, ...

- The song text itself is responsive
* Tap on a chord to get more information about it (or you can change it)
* Tap somewhere else to get the toolbar

'Folder' menu:
By the way, smartChord is registered on your phone as an viewer and editor for (song) files with the typical extensions like .txt, .tab, .crd, .chopro. Use a file explorer on your phone to open them with smartChord.

Use the lower two lines to show or hide the audio player, the scroller, texts, chords, etc.
The upper line to control playing the audio file and/or scroll the song text
Can be permanently fixed with the pin button


Other things you should know:

Supported song texts
smartChord can handle every plain text file (there is an example at the end of the help). Also a widespread format for songs is 'ChordPro'. It is supported essentially. Please consult the official reference page: ChordPro
smartChord uses this format to enhance the song text by song information like tuning, scroll speed, audio file, … If you use the possibility to 'edit song information', these information are also stored within ChordPro directives.

If you share or export a song to a file, the file contains the song text and the information in form of ChordPro directives. The file gets the name of the song and the file extension '.sccrd' (UTF-8 encoded). You can view/edit this files with every text editor or ChordPro viewer/editor that supports UTF-8 character set.

Supported ChordPro directives

Things you should now about special handling of directives in smartChord:

There are custom extensions of ChordPro for smartChord. All of them start with '{x_sccrd_'.
You can use and edit the following extensions:
All other extensions are maintained automatically by smartChord. Do not edit them!

This is an example of supported plain text:

Scarborough Fair

Intro: Am Am7 Am Am7

Am Am G Am Am
Are you going to Scarborough Fair
C Am (C D) Am Am
Parsley sage rosemary and thyme
Am C C G G
Remember me to one who lives there
Am G G Am Am
She once was a true love of mine

A song in ChordPro format could look like this:

{x_sccrd_n:Scarborough Fair}

[E]when I'm feeling lonely and I'm s[B]ure I've had [F#]enough ..
[E]she sends the comfort coming [B]in from above
[C#]don't need no radio at all
[D]we got a [A]thing and it's [E]called radar [F#]love

The Songbook has got multiple modes:
▫ 'Just chords' shows only the chords and the structure of a song. The chords are aligned in columns.
▫ 'Lyrics' shows only the lyrics and the structure of a song

How to ...
Import song files e.g. txt, tabs or ChordPro
Edit songs online
Sing with your audience and show them the lyrics