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The ''song online edit'' mode allows you to edit your song comfortable in the browser of your computer.


Song structure:



s.mart Songbook help:

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Example song with all tags:


{start_of_verse:Verse 1}
A                   C
This is verse 1


A    C      E    F  Fm
This is the bridge


{start_of_pre_chorus:Pre chorus}
A    C      E    F  Fm
This is the pre chorus


A    C      E    F  Fm
This is the chorus


A                       C
This is the interlude2


{highlight:This text is highlighted}

{start_of_verse:Verse 2}
A                   C
This is verse 2


{bridge:Bridge repeated}

{pre_chorus:Pre chorus repeated}

{chorus:Chorus repeated once}

{interlude:Interlude repeated}

{verse:Verse repeated}

{chorus:Chorus repeated twice}

{tab:TAB repeated}

{comment:This is a comment}
{comment_box:This is a comment in a box}
{comment_italic:This is a italic comment}

Name of a smartChord picking pattern:
{x_sccrd_ppat:PP 4/4 423}

{meta:Some other interesting information}
{title:This is the title of the song}
{subtitle:This is the subtitle of the song}
{artist:This is the name of the artist}
{album:This is the name of the album}
{composer:This is the name of the composer}
{lyricist:This is the name of the lyricist}
{arranger:This is the name of the arranger}
{copyright:© 2019 s.mart Music Lab}
{x_sccrd_af:/storage/0000-0000/Musik/bestRock/Blur - Song 2.mp3}
{x_sccrd_vf:/storage/0000-0000/songs/Renegades (X Ambassadors) - HowTo.mp4}
{x_sccrd_ac:content://media/external/audio/media/12793§Blur - Song 2}
{x_sccrd_vc:content://media/external/video/media/14055§Renegades (X Ambassadors) - HowTo}

Pause scrolling for a defined time (seconds)

Internet link: First the link, then the text separated by a ;
{x_sccrd_href:https://smartChord.de;This is a link to smartChord.de}

Name of the song
{x_sccrd_n:Song example with all tags}

Add hidden tags with every kind of information to find the songs in the full text search
{x_sccrd_tags:A song can be tagged}

Add the YouTube id of a video to show a video with the embedded YouTube player

Add the name of a drum pattern for the embedded drum machine
{x_sccrd_drpat:Rock 3/4 - 45}

The directives to define MIDI commands which are send
to a MIDI receiver when the song is opened or closed:
{x_sccrd_midiOpen:90 3F 6A, 91 3B 6A}
{x_sccrd_midiClose:80 3F 00, 81 3B 00}
Please see https://smartchord.de/s-mart-songbook#midi-control

Defines the song number to switch the songs by a SongSelect MIDI comand:
Please see https://smartchord.de/s-mart-songbook#midi-control

The following directives are maintained by smartChord. Do not edit them!